Safeguard your HVACR Equipment with TCI’s Harmonic Solutions

Variable frequency drives (VFD) and EC Motors (ECMs) are frequently used in HVACR applications, specifically on chillers, pumps, boilers, air handlers, fan arrays and other HVACR equipment in large commercial systems. Although they have both created more efficient ways to control these types of motors, VFDs and ECMs distort the electrical power used by this equipment.

Harmonics can affect the electronic loads on your system causing overheating, oscillations, increase in noise, current losses and equipment failure. TCI offers a wide range of products that help mitigate harmonics caused by VFDs and improves the efficiency of motors. Check out the brochure links on the left-hand side to see our products most commonly used in HVACR applications.

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IEEE-519 Compliance

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has established a recommended practice, IEEE 519-2022, which sets reasonable limits for harmonic current and voltage distortion for electrical power systems. HVACR applications must meet local requirements to achieve low harmonic levels to prevent disturbances to equipment in nearby residential properties.

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