The Leading Source for Active and Passive Harmonic Filters

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Who We Are

TCI is the leading manufacturer of active filters and passive filters to mitigate harmonics and improve power quality. TCI’s Engineers specialize in developing optimal solutions to achieve IEEE-519 compliance and enhanced motor protection. 

TCI partners with electrical and machinery OEMs worldwide, to offer both stand alone and integrated harmonics mitigation and power quality solutions.  With over 50 years of experience in solving complex power quality problems, TCI has the expertise to design the right solution for you. 

Power Factor Correction Solutions →

The PF Guard Capacitor Bank will reduce the demand on your electrical equipment, resulting in improved electrical system capacity and a more effective power supply.

Motor Protection Solutions →

The V1k dv/dt filter provides motor protection by limiting voltage spikes below 1,000 volts for long lead applications. The MotorGuard eliminates harmful dv/dt to result in a sinewave output.

Global Solutions →

TCI offers a wide selection of 50 Hz units for use in Asian, Australian, European, African, South American, and some North American markets.

Harmonic Solutions →

TCI offers a number of solutions that reduce or eliminate harmonic distortion, including line reactors, passive harmonic filters, and active harmonic filters. With proper application, these harmonic filters are used to meet the IEEE-519 specification on harmonics.

High Frequency Noise Solutions →

Unwanted high frequency electrical noise can cause equipment to malfunction. EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) are two types of electrical noise.

Markets We Serve

TCI products are utilized in a wide range of markets, in applications that require improvements to power quality. Some of our more important markets include the following: