Mission & Values

Our Mission

TCI will be the supplier of choice for products and support that increase the value and improve the overall system performance of electronic power conversion processes.

Our Values

Having uncompromising business integrity

  • Respectful and professional in our interpersonal relationships
  • Meeting commitments
  • Being ethical and fair
  • Being honest and truthful in our actions and communications

Being customer aligned

  • Taking responsibility for our customer needs
  • Openly communicating customer needs, all related issues and taking actions required to address those needs, in a timely fashion

Operating with a corporate wide sense of urgency

  • Empower individuals to make sound business decisions and take action, with a sense of urgency, to meet the needs of our customers, employees, and suppliers

Striving to be the best we can be

  • Willingness to take calculated risks with no fear
  • Being open minded
  • Continuously improving corporate and personal performance
  • Learning from successes and failures
  • Collaborative, active, and willing participation

Providing a rewarding work environment

  • Regularly celebrate successes
  • Provide opportunities for personal achievement
  • Balance between professional and personal life