HSE 5% Passive Harmonic Filter

Introducing TCI's Harmonic Filter Designed Specifically for HVAC

The HarmonicShield ECM Passive Filter (HSE) is a 5% passive harmonic filter specifically designed with Electrically Commutated Motors (ECMs) in mind. High quality components and a robust design allow this passive filter to deliver best in class performance under the harshest conditions and in the most challenging applications.

The HSE filter is suitable for a multitude of HVAC applications, and compatible with any EC Motor. The addition of PQconnect allows users to remotely access their filters to monitor and control specific functions. The HSE with PQconnect is the first intelligent passive filter designed for EC Motors that monitors for power quality and provides filter controls.

Unfiltered Waveform without the HSE
Resulting Line Current Waveform
with HSE
The HSE limits current distortion to less than 5% TDD.
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PQvision Software Applications

A free desktop application and mobile app created by TCI for PQconnect data

PQvision software gives you visibility into:

  • Real-time filter line/load voltage and current metering values
  • Real-time THID, and THVD
  • Voltage and current Wave forms
  • Harmonic Spectrum
  • Filter status detections
  • Bluetooth connectivity via Android & IOS app

Use the links below to download the PQvision software in the desktop version or mobile app version.