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Finding the right product for your application is only part of the solution. The TCI Team will take you through the whole process from understanding the problem, identifying product and solutions to installing, commissioning and supporting your equipment in the field. Our experts in Application Engineering, Technical Support and Field Services are committed to providing the best support and product services before and after installation. 

TCI Product Solutions

TCI Product Support

TCI assists in finding the product that meets your specifications and needs. We are experts at pairing together the right products with the right solutions!

We understand that not all standard products work for every application.  If there is not a standard product that meets your needs, TCI’s Engineers evaluate and design a custom or modified standand product specific to your application. 

Using schematics, specifications, or on-site testing results, we analyze your harmonic distortion and offer recommendations.  Our online Harmonic Sizing Tool is powerful analysis tool available for anyone to use to complete a harmonic study and generate a report. 

The need for power quality is more important than ever. TCI provides on-site electrical testing, analysis of customer supplied data and in-house analysis to verify your power quality solutions. TCI can be contracted to do on-site testing and analysis. 

Based on schematics, harmonic studies and/or specifications, TCI’s Engineers assist with new facility upgrades and develop optimal solutions to meet compliance and your system requirements.  

TCI has an extensive product development and testing laboratory. We test products to demonstrate performance and compatibility with your drives. 

We believe educated customers make the best decisions. Learn more about harmonics, power quality, motor protection and how our products solve your real-world problems. We provide online documents, phone consultations and webinars to educate our customers. The TCI Team will teach you about technology trade-offs to find the most optimal solution.

Connect with TCI’s Technical Support Team for questions regarding installation, product selections and requirements. Give TCI a call or send an email when you need our help!

As a service to our customers, TCI experts provide active filter start-ups and commissioning to ensure your filter is accurately installed and working properly. 

After product installation, TCI Engineers can provide field diagnosis and/or repairs on any of our products. We want our customers to have the best experience with TCI products. 

TCI offers preventive maintenance plans to get the most from your filter with options that support extended warranty contracts.

After TCI products are installed, it is important to understand how to maintain and operate the products. We provide the training and education your team will need to run the products effectively.

For issues that need extensive testing, TCI’s laboratory is ideal in recreating the field conditions to help you replicate and resolve problems.

Connect with TCI Technical Support Engineers for questions regarding installation, product selections and requirements. Give TCI a call or send an email when you need our help!

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