Harmonic Solutions

TCI offers a number of solutions that reduce or eliminate harmonic distortion, including line reactors, passive harmonic filters, and active harmonic filters. With proper application, these harmonic filters are used to meet the IEEE-519 specification on harmonics.

HarmonicGuard Active FilterHGA 5% Active Harmonic Filter

  • TDD reduction to 5% or better at Full Load
  • Meets IEEE-519 1992
  • System-applied – MCC & Switchboard
  • Touchscreen display
  • Communication options include Modbus RTU over RS485 and EtherNet/IP

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HarmonicGuard Passive FilterHGP 5% Passive Harmonic Filter

  • Performance 5% or lower THD with loads as low as 50%
  • Performance of 5% or lower THD with bkgd voltage distortion as high as 5%
  • True 100kA SCCR
  • Internal fusing to prevent capacitor damage

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HarmonicShieldHSD 5% Passive Harmonic Filter

  • Performance of 5% or lower THD with loads as low as 50%
  • Meets most stringent requirements of IEEE 519
  • The Performance you expect at a price you don’t

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HGL Low Capacitance Filter

  • Performance of 5% or lower THD at full load
  • True 100kA SCCR
  • Same options as HGP

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KDRKDR Line Reactor

The addition of a KDR Line Reactor will limit the inrush current to the rectifier, rounding the waveform, reducing the peak currents and lowering the harmonic current distortion.

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Motor Protection Solutions

The V1k dv/dt filter provides motor protection by limiting voltage spikes below 1,000 volts for long lead applications. The MotorGuard eliminates harmful dv/dt to result in a sinewave output.

MotorGuard Sinewave FilterMotorGuard Sinewave Filter

The MotorGuard filter converts the PWM wave form to a near sinusoidal wave form, allowing sensitive applications to take advantage of the efficiencies and savings that PWM output power supplies and drives offer.

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MotorShieldMotorShield Sinewave Filter

The MotorShield filter eliminates harmful dv/dt to result in a sinewave output.

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V1k Output FilterV1k dv/dt Motor Protection Filter

Greatly reduces motor failures on VFD applications by limiting the magnitude of voltage spikes to levels below 1000 Volts and slowing down the rate of change of PWM switching by a factor of three or more.

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KDRKDR Output Load Reactor

The addition of a KDR unit to the output of a drive will dampen overshoot peak voltage, reduce motor heating and audible noise, helping to extend the life of the motor.

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Power Factor Correction Solutions

PF Guard

The PF Guard Capacitor Bank will reduce the demand on your electrical equipment, resulting in improved electrical system capacity and a more effective power supply.

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High Frequency Noise Solutions

Unwanted high frequency electrical noise can cause equipment to malfunction. EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) are two types of electrical noise.

KRF EMI FilterKRF EMI Filter

The KRF filters use a combination of high requency inductors and capacitors to reduce noise in the critical 150kHz to 30MHz frequency range.

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Global Solutions

TCI offers a wide selection of 50 Hz units for use in Asian, Australian, European, African, South American, and some North American markets.

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