HGL HarmonicGuard Low Capacitance

Low Capacitance Harmonic Filter with Bluetooth® Technology

HGL with PQconnect is the first intelligent low capacitance filter to offer harmonic mitigation that automatically detects excess kVAR while also allowing remote monitoring and control.

  • Offers the lowest kVAR per horse power filter on the market, allowing for superior generator compatibility
  • Ensures IEEE-519 2014 compliance with true 100ka SCCR rated filters

The HGL with PQconnect offers harmonic mitigation while providing less capacitance to the system. It features generator compatibility with intelligence, eliminating any worry over leading power factor or excess kVARs interfering with your generator. Due to the reduction of reactive power, the HGL allows for lower power, cost-efficient generators to be used. Bluetooth technology allows easy access to your passive filter data via an Android app. 

The HGL also features components designed specifically for oil and gas field applications, to handle the additional electrical stress. These units are available in Type 3R enclosures and are designed for cyclical loads, with HP ranges from 20 to 800 HP.

PQvision Software Applications

A free desktop application and mobile app created by TCI for PQconnect connectivity

PQvision software gives you visibility into:

  • Real-time filter line/load voltage and current metering values
  • Real-time THID, and THVD
  • Voltage and current Wave forms
  • Harmonic Spectrum
  • Filter status detections
  • Bluetooth connectivity via Android & IOS app

Use the links below to download the PQvision software in the desktop version or mobile app version.

Introducing EtherNet/IP the Future of Connectivity

TCI’s HGP Passive Harmonic Filter now includes EtherNet/IP connectivity. It is now easier than ever to connect, control, and manage your Harmonic Filter within an EtherNet/IP driven network.

Seamless Integration:No need for additional costs using an EtherNet/IP gateway.  PQconnect communications now allow for ultimate compatibility with your EtherNet/IP dependent PLC or HMI device.

High Speed Performance: Experience lightning-fast data transfer and real-time communication of your Harmonic Filter with implicit messaging. With near zero information latency, Filter status and Power Quality characteristics are always at your fingertips.

Decrease Setup Time: Leverage our Licensed AOP EDS file for an easier setup with Rockwell or EtherNet/IP dependent devices. Individual Controller Tags for all PQconnect Implicit IO data will always auto populate.

Harmonics and Power Quality

Issues caused by harmonics may include:

  • Transformer and distribution equipment overheating
  • Random breaker tripping
  • Sensitive equipment failure
  • Poor power factor
Unfiltered Waveform
Filtered wave form with HGL

HGL with PQconnect Advantages

The HGL harmonic filter is a field-proven low capacitance harmonic filter designed to meet your specific industry requirements. This filter not only limits current distortion to less than 5% TDD, it also improves true power factor. Multiple package options will allow you to choose the right filter configuration for the application. 

With the addition of PQconnect, the HGL filter features:

Generator Compatibility with Intelligence

The HGL with PQconnect is the most generator compatible harmonic filter with intelligence. The filter autonomously controls its tuning circuit contactor based on your input system to ensure worry-free operations for generator-based systems.

Industrial Strength

The HGL with PQconnect is built in the USA, using high quality components. It delivers the best in class performance under the harshest conditions and in the most challenging applications.

Industrial Communications

The PQconnect provides data monitoring and status of the filter to your SCADA system. The filter will communicate informational alerts to ensure your system stays running and resolves power quality issues. PQconnect can communicate via Modbus RTU over RS485 or EtherNet/IP.

Filter Status Detections

With PQconnect, you can receive alerts before problems occur. Users will be notified if issues were to arise, including on the components of your filter. This will prevent unnecessary downtime and will alert the user when capacitors are nearing end of life.

IEEE Standard 519 – 2014

Every power system is different. Harmonic mitigation requirements differ and even IEEE limits change based on the system loading characteristics. The HGL product returns the power of choice to the customer, allowing for different configurations to achieve different performance and monitoring results.

Current distortion limits for systems rated 120 V through 69 kV

Maximum harmonic current distortion in percent of IL
Individual harmonic order (odds harmonics) a,b

ISC/IL3≤h<1111≤h<1717≤h<2323≤h<3535≤h≤5050 TDD
a. Even harmonics are limited to 25% of the odd harmonic limits above.
b. Current distortions that result in a dc offset, e.g., half-wave converters, are not allowed.
c. All power generation equipment is limited to these values of current distortion, regardless of actual ISC/IL.
where ISC = maximum short-circuit current at PCC.
and IL = maximum demand load current (fundamental frequency component) at the PCC under normal load operating conditions.