Irrigation & Agriculture

TCI specializes in providing the right product for the right application and offers the following harmonic and motor protection solutions for agriculture/irrigation applications:

Well pumps, booster pumps and a combination of the two are used in the agricultural industry to provide water for farm irrigation.  Pumping water for irrigation can be a major expense and improving the efficiency of irrigation pumps has many benefits, including improving profitability. When a single pump is required to operate over a range of flow rates and pressures, it is usually designed to meet the greatest output demand of both flow and pressure. So pumps are often oversized which results in their operating inefficiently over a range of duties.

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) are becoming more popular with irrigation districts due to their ability to improve water pressure, control water levels and provide power savings.  Unfortunately, VFD’s generate harmonic distortion that can have adverse effects on utility equipment. The effects of harmonics can range from annoying hums and flickering lights to more serious problems such as equipment failure and disruption of power service.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has established a recommended practice, IEEE 519, which sets reasonable limits for harmonic current and voltage distortion for electrical power systems.  Many electric utilities are enforcing compliance with IEEE 519, the international standard for allowable harmonics on utility mains.

TCI can provide solutions to correct power factor and lower harmonics to enable companies to comply with utility requirements, reduce downtime, extend the life of motors and other equipment and significantly reduce energy costs.