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Harmonic Solutions for Oil & Gas Equipment

Electronic variable-speed drives (VFDs) contribute significantly to the increased energy efficiency and productivity of oil and gas industry applications such as drilling, pumping and compression stations. For example, VFDs are typically used to drive the pump jack motors that are distributed across oil fields. For new oil fields or expansion of existing fields, a significant portion of the electric loads can be VFDs.

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VFDs are harmonic-producing loads to a power system and can damage sensitive electronic equipment connected in the system. In addition, when long lengths of cables are involved, motors are subjected to large and repetitive over-voltages from reflective wave which can lead to pump and motor failure.

High levels of electrical pollution caused by VFDs have caused many utilities to enact regulations restricting the amount of harmonic distortion a customer is allowed to inject into the power grid. Conventional VFDs will not generally satisfy these tougher harmonic regulations without some additional equipment, such as a harmonic filter.

In order to prevent harmonics from negatively affecting the power grid, IEEE 519, which sets reasonable limits for harmonic current and voltage distortion, has been adopted by many utilities as an IEEE “Recommended Practice and Requirement for Harmonic Control in Electrical Power Systems.” As a result, it has become a critical factor in oil fields reducing their harmonic distortion levels to meet utility regulations.

Whatever the application, TCI can provide solutions to correct power factor, lower harmonics, and improve the performance of VFDs to enable companies to comply with utility requirements, eliminate downtime, extend the life of motors and other equipment and significantly reduce energy costs.

TCI specializes in providing the right product for the right application and offers multiple harmonic and motor protection solutions for oil and gas applications.

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IEEE-519 Compliance

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has established a recommended practice, IEEE 519-2022, which sets reasonable limits for harmonic current and voltage distortion for electrical power systems. Oil and gas equipment must meet local requirements to achieve low harmonic levels to prevent disturbances to nearby residential properties.

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