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HSE Passive Harmonic Filter


An HVACR manufacturer reached out to TCI because they needed help mitigating the harmonics caused by their Electrically Commutated Motors (ECMs) on a fan wall. TCI’s application engineers worked to configure different approaches that would successfully remove the harmonics putting the ECM’s at risk.

Our experts gave two solutions  – either do a larger filter big enough to mitigate the harmonics, or two smaller filters in tandem. The bigger filter would be the more economical approach but would be more difficult to install and manage electrically and physically than two smaller harmonic filter units.



The HVACR Manufacturer decided to go with the second option – two smaller units. TCI recommended two 150 HP HSEs with PQconnect for ease of installation and to successfully mitigate the harmonics at a level that no longer posed a risk to the facility by harming expensive equipment and creating downtime. The HSE is part of TCI’s HarmonicShield passive filter line, and is specifically designed to work with any type of EC Motor, and the addition of PQconnect allows for real-time data and monitoring.