Service & Extended Warranty Policy

For Active and Passive Harmonic Filters

(A) Start-up Service and (B) Field Service

Effective Date: 07/01/2021

A. Start-up Service:

1. Scope of Work: Start-up Service for TCI active and passive harmonic filters.

a. A TCI service engineer performs on site start-up service of the unit. The scope of this work includes inspection of the unit(s) and their installation, operating the filter, performing a load test (if applicable), training on site operators (if applicable) and submitting a post start-up report.

Pre-service Site Requirements: Prior to TCI service engineer traveling to the site, the customer shall confirm the filter(s) are ready to be commissioned per the Pre-service Site Requirements listed below:

  • The filter is mounted and wired properly. CTs are to be mounted per the filter manual and specific application, wired to the active filter and verified for correct orientation. (Active Filters).
  • Sufficient load is present to perform a load test. VFD or harmonic generating loads should be operational and loaded to at least 50% of the filter current rating.
  • Filter is easily accessible.
  • Appropriate staff is available to assist (in operating loads an electrical equipment).
  • Confirm any on site pre-authorization requirements for TCI service personnel.
  • Pre-notification of any site training requirements or any additional site requirements.
  • Operators will be made available for training during an agreed upon time during the start-up site visit.

If the filters are not ready to be commissioned and field service is delayed, TCI may invoice for extended time or requests for future visits to complete commissioning.

Satisfactory completion of TCI Start-up Service will be documented in the Start-up Service Report. All elements of the scope of work must be performed for a satisfactory completion rating.

TCI Start-up Service is recommended for all filters and is required for all orders with parallel filter arrangements and/or main-tie-main configurations.

2.    Part Numbers for ordering TCI Start-up Services:

a. Active filter startup service part number: Field-Service-EPD-Startup

b. Passive filter or power factor correction startup service part number: Field-Service-MPD-Startup

3.    Rates for TCI Start-up Services (rates subject to change)

a. Active Filters (Part #: Field-Service-EPD-Startup): $4,400 for one unit and $700 for each additional unit at the same location. Covers one start-up service trip within the continental United States. For other locations please call the factory.

b. Passive Harmonic Filters and Power Factor Correction (Part #: Field-Service-MPD-Startup): $4,400 for one filter and $350 for each additional filter at the same location. Covers one start-up service trip within the continental United States. For other locations please call the factory.

4.    Warranty – Active filters only (see HarmonicGuard Active Filter Warranty Policy for more details).

a. TCI Standard Warranty (without TCI Start-up Service): Standard Factory Warranty is one (1) year of operation, not to exceed 18 months from the date of shipment from TCI. It covers defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service and is limited to the value of the TCI supplied equipment. It does not cover job site labor or expenses. For Official details refer to TCI Limited Warranty Policy document.

b. TCI Standard Warranty with Start-up Service: The TCI Standard Warranty can be upgraded to the TCI Standard Warranty with Start-up Service with the satisfactory completion of TCI Start-up Service within 18 months from the date of shipment of the equipment from TCI. This warranty is for one and a half (1.5) years of operation, not to exceed 30 months from the date of shipment. The warranty extension is initiated by satisfactory completion of TCI Start-up Service as documented in the Post Start-up Service report.

c. TCI Extended Warranty: The TCI Standard Warranty with Start-up Service can be extended to a total term of five (5) years, not to exceed 60 months from the date of shipment with the purchase of the TCI Extended Warranty. To be eligible for this coverage, it must be purchased at the time of filter ordering and TCI Start-up Service must be satisfactorily completed.

d. TCI Preventative Maintenance: For warranty periods exceeding five (5) years TCI Preventative Maintenance services are required to be purchased. Please contact TCI Field Service.

B. Field Service: (Not Start-up Services)

A TCI service engineer will perform power system monitoring or on-site field service or repair of a TCI manufactured product. The scope of work will be determined prior to a visit and typically includes: inspection of the unit and installation, debugging of the issue, replacement or repair of subassemblies if applicable, performance testing if applicable and a field service report.

1. TCI Field Service fee contains service rates, travel rates, expensed and parts cost. Use the guide below to develop a quote (rates are subject to change).

a. Service Rates: $170/Hour/Minimum 8 Hrs. ($1,360.00 /day minimum) (Monday-Friday, 7AM-6PM). Overtime will be billed at 1.5 times the standard rate and will apply to any hours worked in excess of, or at times other than, regular straight time (7AM-6PM, Monday-Friday).

b. Travel Rates: $100/Hour.

c. Expenses – The travel expenses (airfare, lodging, meals and car rental) will be billed for actual travel costs.

d. Parts: Billed as used on the site to perform parts. Parts and materials supplied in conjunction with out of warranty service will be priced in accordance with the Company’s standard terms and conditions.

2.    Part Numbers for TCI Field Service:

a. Field-Service-EPD (Active filters only)

b. Field-Service-MPD (Power factor correction, passive harmonic filters, passive output filters)

For questions regarding these services contact:

Factory Technical Support 1-800-824-8282