HarmonicGuard Solution Center (HGSC) Demo

The HarmonicGuard Solution Center (HGSC) is a free, self-service analysis tool that uses basic system data to generate an accurate harmonic and power quality analysis for your unique application. The HGSC allows a user to model linear and non-linear loads to determine voltage and current distortion as well as power factor. By applying mitigating equipment the user can optimize system performance based on various factors such as harmonics or power factor.

MotorShield Installation and Performance

Demonstration of the installation and performance of the MotorShield, sinewave filter which improves the performance of a motor. Measurable results shown.

TCI’s MotorShield is an elegant and dependable solution that provides additional benefits such as reducing heat producing voltage distortion and insulation damaging voltage spikes.

Find out more in our video: MotorShield Installation and Performance

TCI Company Overview

Trans-coil, Inc. was founded in 1961 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Over the past 40 plus years we have changed our name to TCI, LLC, upgraded our manufacturing system with Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) and added an Electronic Product Division to expand our harmonic mitigation products and solutions.

Today TCI employs over 100 people and is continuously growing in sales revenue.  Learn more about TCI in the video: TCI Company Overview

Controlling Harmonics in the Oil & Gas Industry

If you are a utility, operating in a traditional Oil & Gas region — or a utility in an area of rapid Oil & Gas growth — due to the burgeoning hydraulic fracturing subset of the industry — your problems are similar.

Oil & Gas customers often generate massive amounts of power harmonics. A utility must manage harmonics via direct outreach to each customer — which is costly and time consuming.

Find out more in our video: Forming a Team to Fight Oil and Gas Generated Harmonics.

Optimal Power Quality for Oil & Gas Producers

If you’re an Oil & Gas producer or a services firm working in the Oil & Gas industry, power quality, and power cost are fundamental elements in determining your success.

Whether the barrel price is on its way up, down, or holding steady, revenue from Oil & Gas operations increases dramatically if uptime remains high and power costs are kept in line.

Check out the video: Optimal Power Quality for Oil & Gas Producers