Press Release – TCI’s PQconnect™ Earns ODVA Certification

PQconnect™ Passive Harmonic Filter Technology Earns ODVA Certification

Trans-Coil International, (TCI), an Allied Motion company, announces ODVA certification for its PQconnect™ passive harmonic filter technology platform.

HGP with PQconnect

TCI’s PQconnect‑enabled passive harmonic filters now seamlessly integrate into EtherNet/IP® factory automation networks to provide real-time filter status and line parameter data.

 PQconnect employs a patented method to measure critical power quality data without the use of separate, expensive current sensors. This allows the same PQconnect hardware to be applied across a wide range of filters (5HP to 1500HP), making the technology highly flexible.

PQconnect converts TCI’s filters into smart devices that can make independent control decisions using the measured data. Furthermore, this data can be shared locally via Bluetooth and to upstream automation systems via various networks, including Modbus and now EtherNet/IP. PQconnect reduces nuisance tripping and downtime, enables automated filter control, provides better drive protection and extends equipment life.

Located in Germantown, WI, TCI is the leading manufacturer of active and passive harmonic filters that mitigate harmonics and improve power quality. TCI’s engineers specialize in developing optimal solutions that achieve IEEE-519 compliance and enhanced motor protection.

Press Release – Allied Motion Acquires TCI, LLC


Allied Motion Enhances Market and Technology Capabilities with Acquisition of TCI, LLC.

Amherst, NY – December 6, 2018 – Allied Motion Technologies Inc…. a designer and manufacturer that sells precision controlled motion products and solutions to the global market, announced that it has acquired TCI, LLC.

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Press Release – HGP with PQconnect


TCI Launches Passive Filter with Remote Connectivity and Monitoring

Germantown, Wisconsin-October 15, 2018 – TCI announced today a new version of their passive harmonic filter with remote connectivity – the HarmonicGuard® Passive (HGP) with PQconnect®. This is the first passive harmonic filter that provides advanced communication capability, monitors power quality and offers autonomous contactor control.

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New AA Frame Reactor

New Reactor Frame Size – AA frame

With a smaller footprint and tighter tolerance, the new AA frame reactor follows the same quality approach as the MA frame.
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Press Release-MA Frame Reactor


TCI, LLC Offers Smaller Line Reactor with UL 690V Maximum Voltage Rating

Germantown, Wisconsin-March 31, 2018- TCI, LLC launches new reactor to protect smaller variable frequency drives and motor. The newest addition to the KDR family-the MA frame reactor, is the only UL Listed reactor in the market with a 690V maximum voltage rating and a class N 200°C insulation rating.

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New MA Frame Reactor

TCI, LLC now offers a reactor with a smaller footprint for 0.25 HP-3 HP motors-KDR MA frame. The addition of a KDR Line Reactor, such as the MA frame, will reduce harmonic distortion, which reduces the total RMS current, thereby improving the total power factor.

  • Smallest footprint available
  • The only UL Listed 690 V terminal block reactor on the market
  • Vertical tool access for easy installation
  • Accessory adapter plates available to accommodate different mounting footprint requirements

In addition, we have improved the process of building reactors by automating the winding of the coils. This will allow our team to make parts quicker in order to fulfill same day shipments.

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HGL HarmonicGuard Low Capacitance

Our HarmonicGuard Low Capacitance filter (HGL) adds to our line of options for passive filters. The HGL was designed to be compatible with 5%THD performance.

The introduction of the HGL addresses concerns of excess capacitance in generators. Excess capacitance can cause problems such as:

  • Leading Power Factor
  • Creating over-excitation in a generator
  • Controlling both power factor and harmonics together

The Low Capacitance filter reduces the amount of reactive power and enables lower power, lower cost generators to be used.

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Same Day Shipment Available

Need your product right away? We offer same day shipping on our most requested products. TCI always offers drop ship direct to you at no additional charge.


The HarmonicShield offers industry leading 5% iTHD performance even at light loads and under the harshest of conditions. The HSD is a cost effective and simplified design that increases drive up-time and eliminates nuisance tripping of circuit breakers.

HMI Display

New HMI touchscreen display for Active Harmonic Filter

HarmonicGuard Active Filter

HarmonicGuard Active harmonic filter monitors the load current and reacts to changes in load almost instantaneously, while returning true power factor to near unity.


MotorShield is TCI’s new sinewave output filter

PF Guard

Get more from your existing power system with PF Guard™ from TCI.