Harmonic Applications

Nonlinear loads, such as Variable Frequency Drives and UPS systems, reduce energy costs and provide system efficiencies. However, they also can create harmonic distortion.

IEEE 519-2014

Sets forth limits for both harmonic voltages and currents within industrial distribution systems.
Learn more about IEEE 519-2014


Harmonic Distortion

Can cause problems including poor power factor, equipment overheating, and random breaker tripping.
Learn more about Harmonic Distortion



High Frequency Noise Applications

Unwanted high frequency electrical noise can cause equipment to malfunction. EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) are two types of electrical noise.

High Frequency Noise

Unwanted high frequency electrical noise can cause equipment to malfunction.
Learn more about High Frequency Noise



Motor Protection Applications

Motors can be damaged by voltage overshoots and common mode currents.

Voltage Overshoots

This high voltage can cause early degradation of insulation systems for motors, transformers and cables.
Learn more about Voltage Overshoots


Bearing Current

Common Mode currents can lead to bearing pitting and fluting which is damaging to motors.
Learn more about Bearing Current


Motor Stress and Failure

Voltage wave reflection can occur, resulting in downtime shutdowns and frequent maintenance.
Learn more about Motor Stress and Failure


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