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Get more from your existing power system with PF Guard™ from TCI.


Germantown, Wisconsin, November 4, 2015

TCI, your trusted source for power quality solutions has added the PF Guard™, a low voltage capacitor bank designed to correct power factor in industrial facilities, to our suite of power quality solutions. 
Low power factor increases demand for apparent power from the utility without providing additional system capacity. This reduces the effective use of the power a consumer pays for and exposes them to utility surcharges, poor system performance and shortened equipment service life.

Our new PF Guard:
•    Reduces the amount of apparent power drawn from the utilities
•    Reduces or eliminates Power Factor penalty charges on utility bills
•    Improves power system capacity
•    Reduces power system losses

The PF Guard’s responsive automatic switching design has optional half steps for fine PF control and includes a detuning reactor to protect your investment from the harmful effects that harmonics can have on capacitor banks. 

Key features include:
•    100kA SCCR with fusing
•    Fuse monitoring
•    Full kVAR and 1/2 kVAR steps for fine PF control
•    Programmable controller with user interface

TCI's PF Guard is available now. 

Contact TCI for more information:

Toll Free: 800-824-8282
P: 414-357-4480
F: 414-357-4484

Visit the PF Guard product page.


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